Frequent Asked Questions

You need to be at least 10 years old, in good health and be able to stay afloat in water for 10 min and continue to swim for a minimum of 200 yards

Check with our website "calendar" section or give us a call at 1-437-886-8881 or +599-770-7633 or email us at Most of our courses offered are on demand.

Besides we have a set date for Instructor Development Course, all our other courses are offered on demand

Anyone over 18 can become an EFR Instructor. The only prerequisite is you have to have a valid First Aid CPR certificate. That we can help you to obtain.

You need to be a certified diver and you must have a Divemaster or above certification. We will help you obtain the instructor rating when you join us at the IQC (Instructor Qualification Course)

It is recommended to have your own unit, however, you may rent a KISS unit from us during training.  After you've certified, you may order your own unit and we will drop ship the unit at your residence as well as we will credit you the rental fee during your course.


+599 777-7633
+599 770-7633


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